The fabrics

We only use high-quality woolen fabrics for the covers of our game blocks. The upholstery fabric Atlas is a design by Margrethe Odgaard from the Kvadrat company from Denmark. It catches the eye with its mottled surface and the precise, nuanced color mixes. Nevertheless, it adapts perfectly to any living environment.

Unlike other mélange designs, the colors in Atlas do not mix in the fibers themselves. Instead, they are they are similar to a pattern expressed by the structure of the material. Thus, the textile offers an unbelievable color intensity and fascinating color details.

High-quality wool fabrics have several advantages over other materials.

Wool is:

… comfortable!
Wool is comfortable because it is soft and breathable.
It has the ability to absorb moisture pick up and hand over.
Ideal for cuddling, snuggling up and sitting up.

… dirt-repellent! < br> Wool is naturally dirt-repellent.
It is more resistant to dirt than other types of fibers. Wool has a water-repellent finish and allows stains to be wiped off before they become permanent. With children, it is a great advantage that ensures long-lasting use.

... hard-wearing!

Woolen fabric withstands high wear and tear. It has excellent Abrasion resistance and high elasticity, making it ideal for children to play extensively.

… sustainable!
Wool is a natural fiber, because it is made from sheep fleece. It is therefore a renewable raw material and biodegradable. In addition, its durability makes it a very durable material that can be used for a very long time.

< span> Certifications

The »Atlas« fabric collection from Kvadrat has been awarded internationally recognized certifications, which prove its quality and environmental friendliness Kvadrat in a row recognized international standards and programs that determine the behavior of your company in this important area.

  • Material: 90 % Virgin wool (combed), 10% nylon
  • Weight: 400 g / lin.m
  • Resistance / abrasion: 100,000 Martindale
  • Pilling: (EN ISO) 4-5
  • Lightfastness: (EN ISO) 6-7
  • Sustainability: awarded the EU Ecolabel »The Flower«
  • Made in: Great Britain

EU Ecolabel