Toys & Furniture

Thanks to their well-considered shapes, the play furniture offers countless possible uses: as a pouf in front of the sofa, as a shelf next to the bed, they become a train or the leaning tower of Pisa - toys and furniture at the same time.

Encourage children through play

Did you know that children (have to) play for around 7-8 hours a day up to the age of 6? Because playing means learning for children. Through play, children discover their environment, understand it, get closer to its rules and become familiar with unknown things.

Access to toys

To support them in this, we have developed play cushions that can simply remain there and no longer have to be put away. Thanks to their homely coverings, they integrate perfectly into your living environment and remain accessible to children at all times!

Promote creativity

Free play with the game pieces promotes creativity and children can let their imagination run wild. It also trains logical thinking and cognitive development.


Discover the world through movement

Exercise is essential for children. You learn a lot from this: motor skills, body awareness and ability to react – to name just a few.

"We thought that the game pieces would be well received. But we never thought that they would now be incorporated into the game almost every day."

— Laura R.