As co-founder of Present Stories, I would like to tell you how Present Stories came about. Our mission: to develop furniture that both children and adults can enjoy.

Present Stories produces high-quality play cushions that integrate into the entire home and are therefore always accessible to children. They can be used creatively in countless everyday situations.

Demmi (rot) - Spielmöbel - Present Stories

Founding Present Stories was a response to my own frustrations: As a furniture designer and conscious consumer, I had difficulty finding play furniture that wasn't brightly colored and covered in plastic. I've spent countless hours scrolling through online stores, but I always felt like everything I found I'd want to put away after the kids played with it.

I thought: It should be possible to develop play cushions that can simply be left lying there because I consider them part of my home. They should integrate with their comfortable upholstery covers.

So I realized there had to be a better way and I decided to start Present Stories with my sister. And now we are very happy that we are on this journey.