Back then, our mother had painted an entire wall of our children's room with a colorful landscape - a green meadow with a huge rainbow, a small house and many animals that ran around, slept and played in between. We often swung in our hammock in front of it, looked at the illustration and dreamed about the world.

Color perception

In general, children's color perception develops over time and they learn to identify and understand colors in their environment. You don't have to paint an entire wall to add color accents to a room and maybe some people don't mind a little flexibility in their children's room. In order to make a children's room calm and lively at the same time, there are a few design approaches that you can consider. We have collected a few of them based on our experience.

»If a room is painted in bright colors, it encourages children to move and be more active.«

— Axel Buether
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Effect of color

Colors play an important role in children's room design as they can influence children's mood, behavior and creativity.

Here are some tips and considerations for choosing colors for children's rooms:

Calming colors for the sleeping area

Calming colors such as pastels (e.g. blue, green or lavender) can be chosen for the sleeping area as these can promote a relaxing atmosphere.

Creative and vibrant colors for the play area

Creative and vibrant colors can be used in the play area to stimulate imagination, promote creativity and increase the joy of playing.

Color contrasts and accents

To create visual interest, color contrast and accent walls help. A wall in a bold color or with child-friendly wallpaper can provide a great focal point.

Natural shades

Natural tones such as beige, brown or cream tones can create a calming and warm atmosphere and can be combined well with other colors.

Consider daylight

Color may appear different depending on the light. That's why it makes sense to test the color beforehand to see whether it has the desired effect.

Of course, every child has their own preferences and personality. Some like vibrant and bold colors, while others may prefer softer tones. We loved the colorful illustration of our mother on the wall and even now we like to lose ourselves in color worlds and images.